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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do guests come to the catering trailer to get their food?

A: No, we cook in our catering trailer and then bring the food into a buffet line. The meal is set up buffet style with guests going down both sides of the line.

Q: Do I need to pay a deposit? When is my payment due?

A: You do not need to pay a deposit upon booking. Your payment is due in full the business day prior to your event. In the event of an overpayment, you will be refunded this amount. If you go over your final head count and have more guests you will need to pay your additional balance immediately following your event.

Q: When do I give you my final head count?

A: Head count is due one week before your event.

Q: How do you keep count?

A: We count the number of plates used. When guests return for seconds they must use their same plate. If a guest needs a clean plate they may request one from our front staff. 

Q: Do you have extra if more people show up?

A: We are usually prepared for 20-25 people over your final head count but this is not guaranteed. 

Q: What if I have less than my final head count?

A: You will be charge for the number of people that was given as your final headcount one week prior.

Q: How long do we stay at your event?

A: We arrive approximately one hour prior to your eat time and the amount of time we stay depends on how many guests you are expecting. 

50-125 people - one hour after you start eating

150-200 people - one hour and 30 minutes after you start eating

200-400 people - two hours after you start eating

400+ two to three hours after you start eating 

Q: What if I need more time?

A: We charge $200 per hour for overtime. 

Q: Do you travel?

A: Yes we travel. Our travel fee is based on your mileage from Jackson Mississippi.  You can contact us for a quote on your travel fee

Q: Do you need power or water? 

A: No. We are fully equipped. We cook in our self-contained catering trailers and bring the food into your buffet line. 

Q: How much table space for the buffet line do you need?

A: We need approx 30ft of table space.  You have to provide tables for the buffet line.

Q: How many pieces of fish does the all you care to eat buffet include?

A: The Catfish and Chicken and Seafood Buffet menu are all you care to eat. We do not count the pieces. 

Q: What is the one trip option?

With one trip option you can get what you would like from the buffet line but you cannot return for seconds. 

Q: Do you provide trash cans?

A: We provide our own trash cans for our garbage but not for your guests.

Q: What kind of paper products do you provide?

A: We provide 3 compartment heavy duty foam plate, foam penns cups, black heavy duty cutlery and white 17x17 dinner napkin.

Q: What if I want to provide my own paper products?

A: If you want to supply your own paper products that is fine. You can get a 25cent per person discount for providing your own paper products.

Q: What if I don’t need dessert?

A: If you don’t need dessert you can substitute for a side or you can receive a 25cent per person discount.

Q: What if I have a guest with a food allergy?

A: We can try to accommodate food allergies, however, we are not responsible for any allergic reaction. If you have a severe allergy to fish, gluten, or seafood we recommend that you not eat our food.